How to Draw your Dragon this St George's Day

by Cass Art

The patron saint George is celebrated every 23rd April to mark the death of the nation's hero, whose legend tells of slaying dragons and saving distressed princesses. Generally speaking the story follows that George rode on his noble steed to rescue the town's princess, but his first attempt at striking the evil monster failed as his spear broke into a thousand pieces and he fell from his horse. Fortunately he rolled under a magical orange tree where he was protected from the dragon's wrath and gathered his strength once more. After one more battle involving poison and a little break under the magical orange tree, George triumphantly struck the dragon with his sword under the wing where there were no scales and he was victorius!

To honour Saint George, this holiday Cass Art has devised the perfect step by step guide for "How To Draw Your Dragon" inspired by Emily Gravett's tutorial for the Guardian:

  1. Gather your tools - you'll need a sheet of paper, pencil, eraser and coloured pencils.
  2. Draw a banana shape for the body.
  3. Add a shoe-shaped head and a spiky tail.
  4. Add flappy wings and pointy ears.
  5. Draw in feet and arms (with sharp claws) and erase the lines in between.
  6. Colour your dragon in with shades of green and red.
  7. Remember to add flames from the nostrils!

Feeling inspired? Cass Art stocks more dragon themed materials for you to get creative with at home...try Djeco's Dragon Mobile or Leon the Dragon Puzzle Piece Game, and don't forget the essentials: with different colours of facepaint, you can be St George, the dragon or even the princess this St George's Day.

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Image Credits

John Howe, St George and the dragon 2004

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