How To: Make Your Own Festive Wrapping Paper

by Cass Art

To add that extra personal touch to your gifts this Christmas, why not try making your own own personalised wrapping paper? Whether you want to get hands on with glue and glitter, or use lino cutting and stamps, we've got a variety of crafty techniques for you to create your own designs.

Lino cutting 
A lino printing set will give you everything you need to create, carve and print your own Christmassy designs. The kit includes everything you need including the lino, cutting blades, ink roller, tray and ink.

Start out by drawing your design into the lino, and then cutting it with the blade, being careful not to slip and cut yourself! The carved lies will be the ones to hold the ink.

Roll your ink onto your roller - sometimes known as a a brayer - and then ink your lino once it's fully carved and you're happy with it.

Lay your paper or card over the inked surface, and use another roller to gently roll the back of the lino, so the design can be imprinted neatly onto the surface.

Then carefully peel off the paper to see your festive design! You can repeat this as many times as required and wash your lino and re-ink it where necessary.


To start off you’ll need a roll of brown craft paper or white poster paper, a 120ml bottle of Loxley PVA glue and a tub or two of Jakar glitter.

Using the glue straight from the handy nozzle, begin to decorate your paper with as many funky patterns as you like. Swirls, dots, snowflakes - the world of pattern is your oyster!

While the PVA is still wet, shake on the glitter – ensure that you have a thick even coverage to really make your paper sparkle.

Then, once the glue has dried, you can shake off any excess glitter to use again.

For a more detailed style you can use a template, such as a mask stencil, doily or lace to glue in between the gaps. Then shake on the glitter as before and remove the stencil.

We’ve also played with sticking on a contrasting MT Tape in the style of a ribbon, or in fact using a length of ribbon and looping it over to fashion bows – held together with a little blob of PVA. 


For a more graphic approach to your wrapping, try our Carve a Stamp Kit where you can choose from the templates provided or transfer your own design onto the stamp. Create your own design in pencil then flip it onto the block of lino and rub the paper from the other side and the shape will come through.

To carve your stamp there are a variety of different blades in the kit, along with recommendations for which one to use depending on your design.

When your stamp is ready to use, press it into the ink pad (checking that it is fully covered in ink) and begin printing!

Whether you choose glitter or stamps, or a combination of both, make certain that your decoration is fully dry before you wrap the gifts and as with every craft, it’s always best to have a little practise before the real thing.

Feeling inspired? 

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