How To: Start Painting with Watercolour Sticks

by Cass Art

To celebrate the Watercolour Revolution, Winsor & Newton, a leading UK paint brand who have been making quality art materials since 1832, have made recent innovations that have brought watercolour paints into forms that have never been seen before.

An exciting innovation is the Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Sticks.

Watch the following video to see them in action, and read on for our tips on using these wonderfully versatile paint sticks.

How To Start Painting With Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Sticks

These innovative tools offer professional watercolour paint in the convenient form of a stick of colour – ideal for travelling and sketching outdoors, as well as for use in the studio.

Draw with them dry, like you would a crayon or pastel, and then apply water at any time to achieve the effects of watercolour.

Transform watercolour sticks into paint 

You can transform drawings into paintings with these sticks that have been specially formulated so you can use them when they are both wet and dry. You can add water years down the line, if you decide your drawing needs that extra something.

The sticks are intermixable with conventional watercolour so you can rework and add details to any existing watercolour artworks.

Their unique square shapes allow for multiple line thicknesses, and they are available in a range of 48 different colours.

Watercolour Sticks by Winsor and Newton 
Feeling inspired?

You can buy the Water Colour Sticks now, online and in-store.

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