Supporting Students from the Start: Made in Arts London

by Cass Art

At art college and wondering where to start in selling your own work? University of Arts London (UAL) Students' Union have begun a fantastic initiative. Made in Arts London (MiAL) to help right from the start, developing your core skills to succeed with your career as an artist.

MiAL's mission is to 'support emerging creative talent'. MiAL is primarily a commercial platform, helping current students and graduates who are producing exciting and fresh work to break into the art market and sell their work.

The programme was conceived by current students Kate Rintoul and the then Students' Union Sabbatical Officer, Robyn Minogue, in 2011. MiAL was born thanks to a creative enterprise grant from the National Union of Students. It now runs with a group of Creative Ambassadors, creative students from the University who also want experience of the commercial art market.

Each year, a different panel of industry experts and successfull independent artists select the next MiAL Collection. This year Cass Art founder Mark Cass is on the panel, and extremely excited to be involved: 'It's a brilliant initiative as it not only gives budding artists a platform to sell but the organisation itself creates jobs and experiences for current students, to take away with them when they have left college. This is so important in an ever-changing art industry, and giving fresh talent platforms to learn and grow has been something we have been trying to achieve with the Cass Sculpture Foundation for years.'

The MiAL website allows you to browse by artist, read their backstory and buy their work online. In addition, collectors are given the opportunity to find and purchase art you would not find anywhere else - created by some of the most respected student artists in the world. MiAL artists are already being collected by top art collectors. This month they launch 'Process in Exile', an exhibition of both current students and graduates. Read more information on their website.

Made in Arts London

Artists like Egle Jauncemaite (pictured above) have already benefited from MiAL, with her work already online and being sold successfully. Born in Lithuania and originally a music student, Egle secretly attended drawing and embroidery classes with Buddhist monks while studying in Taipei. She also journeyed to China to learn ancient textile crafts and techniques.

MiAL has raised Egle's profile as an artist; she was also the artist in residence at the 2013 Affordable Art Fair. Her new work (pictured below) is inspired by Egle's reading of Heidegger's "On Thinking" and his theory on Being and Time. 'The canvases are the evidence of the struggle and uncertainties one's mind has to overcome and challenge in order to understand the purpose of the thought and essence of the self', says Egle, 'The process of producing these pieces was a direct attempt to envision the complex nature of the mind within the realms of time. The canvases have been hand woven using very rough strings together with the finest organic silk. The finished woven cloth was all cut into pieces, which were then painted using many different layers of acrylics, metallics, pastels and crayons. Stitching them back together was another great struggle as the needle had to go trough all these thick layers of cloth and paint.'

Random Variables by Egle Jauncemaite

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