The Major Inventions Of 1984

by Cass Art

We all know that 1984 was the year that saw the launch of Cass Art in London. But it was also the year that brought us Prince Harry, the inaugural flight of Virgin Atlantic, and the arrival of GCSEs as they replaced O-Levels. 30 years ago the Olympics took place in Los Angeles, and the English pound note was taken out of circulation.

To celebrate 30 Years of our first art shop, we wanted to look back at a few other initial introductions from 1984.

Old Computer

1.       The Apple Macintosh

The first mass-marketed personal computer featured a graphical user interface and mouse - something we take for granted now. But back then it was the start of a computer revolution. Launched with the iconic Ridley Scott 1984 advert, the computer featured a beige case containing a 23cm monitor, with a handle built into the top of the case to make it more portable. Ah, simpler times...

CD Rom

2.       The CD-ROM

The name is an acronym which stands for "Compact Disc Read-Only Memory", and whilst it was first invented in '84, it had it’s real heyday during the '90s and early 2000s.


3.       Tetris

A Soviet tile-matching puzzle video game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris is a memorable game for many growing up in the '80s or early '90s. The Guinness World Records has even recognised the most ported game in the history of video gaming, appearing on 65 different platforms by 2011. And we can see why - colour, bricks, and battling the clock? It's just computerised, block-building fun at it's best. 


4.       DNA Fingerprinting

In 1984 Professor Alec Jeffreys discovered the variations in DNA, unique to each individual. These exist in blood, bone, hair follicles, saliva, skin, sweat and are the same in every cell and retain their distinctiveness throughout a person’s life. Thirty years on, we now have fingerprint recognition phones and databases - so keep those fingers clean of paint when you're handling your iPhone. 

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