Meet William and Henry

by Cass Art

Used by Illustrators since the 1890’s, Winsor and Newton Inks have a unique brilliance in colour. Winsor and Newton have produced two unique packs of inks named after their founders, William Winsor and Henry Newton.

The henry collection on cold pressed watercolour paper.

The Henry Collection comes with a selection of very bright, bold colours from Liquid Indian (Black), Blue, Scarlet, Canary Yellow, Emerald, Nut Brown, Orange and Violet. We found when we were expeirmenting with the Henry collection that the scarlett was very bright on the watercolour paper and the orange was very opaque. Made with soluble dyes combined with a shellac binder, they’re non-permanent (except for Black, Liquid Indian) and water-soluble but water-resistant when dry. That means you can apply them thick for a rich gloss finish, dilute them with distilled water to increase transparency for wash work, or work over them once dry without fear of bleeding.

The william collection demonstrated on cold pressed watercolour paper.

The William collection has a more traditional colour palette with Liquid Indian (Black), Brilliant Green, Deep Red, Peat Brown, Purple, Sunshine Yellow, Ultramarine and Vermilion.

There are a huge variety of ways to experiment with the inks. You can use them in a traditional pen and ink drawing style using a dip pen to sketch scenes with etched details.

As we have demonstrated in a portrait of Henry and William you can use them with brushes. To create the images of Winsor and Newton in their colourful portraits we used masking fluid and to outline their features and mixed the inks together.

Winsor and Newton inks and other art supplies manufactured in London.

Calligraphers also use the inks because they flow very well to achieve flowing typography. The inks are made with a shellac binder which means the finish is glossy looks beautiful on invitations, cards and signs. Technical applications with dilute washes of the inks can be applied to maps and diagrams. The inks are water resistant when dry so you can work over washes to overlay colours without fear of them bleeding.

Throughout March 2012 Winsor & Newton ran a highly successful competition to design a Winsor & Newton Limited Edition Ink Gift Set to sit in the range alongside the fierce Dragon, the elegant pocket watch and, of course, the gentleman spider. A short video below gives a taste of the artwork created for the show.

Feeling Inspired? Have a go with the inks you can find the Henry Collection and the William collection and other art supplies online and in most of our London stores. You can also dip your feet in the water by trying an individual colour or indulging in the wooden box set with calligraphy nibs.  Don’t forget to share them with us using our social photo tool, on Facebook or twitter

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