Pebeo Mixed Media Exhibition: Artist Interviews Part 2

by Cass Art

With the success of the first ever Pébéo Mix Media exhibition in 2016, we're pleased to announce that the winners of the Pébéo Mixed Media Art Prize 2017 will be on display in a colourful and diverse Exhibition at the Strand Gallery in Central London this June, supported by Cass Art.

Over 50,000 artists entered their work, showcasing a breadth of techniques, practices and textures using the Pébéo Mixed Media range. We asked the artists selected artists showcasing their work this year to tell us more about why they love using Pébéo, how they began exploring mixed media and how the range has developed their practice…

Dawn Rollason

“I enjoy expressing myself creatively, which is very important to me. This is achieved using various media and practices from calligraphy to crochet, combining both art and mixed media. My pleasure comes from attempting innovative concepts, then progressing from the normal to provoke intrigue and to fascinate. The Pébéo range gives an extensive array of mixed media in which I explore contemporary interpretations.

The work I produced for the exhibition was created cutting the shapes from found drink cans. I used Pébéo Fantasy Moon, Fantasy Prisme and Vitrail enamels. These paints shine on the metallic material and the nature of the Pébéo mediums adds texture and depth, allowing the colours to zing and contrast when placed side by side.”

Silvia Viera

“My work is not spontaneous, it takes several stages. I work with volumes that I adhere to the canvas and to make them perfectly incorporated. I always use three auxiliaries of the line: Pébéo Studio, Modelling Paste, Texture Gel and Gesso - I love black Gesso. These are excellent materials, covering vast areas and creating different textures.

For this work I decided to incorporate and experiment with new materials. I used Prisme, Vitrail and Moon, which not only mixed with each other, but also in different layers creating a luminous and expressive effect - which makes it more interesting. I finished this later with the addition of Black Cerne Relief. I really enjoyed the process!

Undoubtedly, the very flexible features of these paints can be used on different surfaces with a glazed or opaque finish, making a very important contribution to the message of my work. Wihtout these particular materials, the work would take on a different identity.”

Nova Heather

“My work with Pébéo tends to be mainly with acrylic and the fantasy range. Pébéo's vibrant colours and alchemy interaction delivers fluidity and motion that is both reliable and unpredictable. I love how the effects can bring landscapes to life, not to mention how fun it is to work with the Pébéo paints.”

Explore more of Nova’s work on her website at

Kalamun Nehar

“As an artist, I like to work with a mix of mediums. I generally tend to combine watercolours, ink and acrylics to achieve the full spectrum of effects. I occasionally incorporate additional materials to add further texture, depth and interplay in my work. As my work is essentially inspired by nature I love the unpredictability that often occurs on my canvas when I create. 

I was very new to the Pébéo range and was only inclined to use it due to the competition. I initially brought an introductory kit and looked at a few tutorials to familiarise myself with the unique mixing technique – I fell in love with it all straight away! So much so I went and bought myself a range of fantasy prism, fantasy moon and vitrail colours the very next day just to immerse myself in its full colour play potential.

The Pébéo mix media range allows me to work in layers fairly quickly - the interplay of the mediums seems to give great depth, luminosity and colour variation to my work. The paint has the lustre and intensity of oil paint without the long drying time, in fact it seems to have all the qualities I look for in different mediums combined into one. I am rather excited to explore Pébéo’s extensive product range and looking forward to see what I can create in future pieces.”

Explore more of Kalamun’s work on his Facebook Page and on Instagram at @Kalamun.Art

Ashley Duffy

“My first experience of the Pébéo mixed media range was when I brought a kit of the Fantasy Moon paints. I found the range to have a great selection of vibrant colours. The quality is extremely good and they are very easy to use.

As someone that mainly paints landscapes and seascapes, I love finding materials and techniques to paint in a more abstract and fluid way.  I have enjoyed exploring the different effects and textures that can be achieved and how they allow me to become a lot more experimental with my work. I have used colours and explored new ideas I would have never thought of before.

It has really helped me to enhance my art and be more free, instead of being so very controlled and precise. Pébéo allows me to just have fun instead of worrying about every little detail!”

Explore more of Ashley’s work on Instagram at @ashleyhollyart

Amylee Paris

“In my portfolio, you will find mainly portraits with floral details always worked with this extreme care that shows a sudden urge to consider more closely my artwork bit by bit, to try to touch it… I make 3D flower shapes with the cerne relief outliner and I have fun mixing Moon, Prisme and Vitrail paints to achieve pretty graphic effects, to create an emotion that awaken the senses and captivates the viewer.

“I love working with Vitrail, Moon or Prisme paint, with a clear preference for Fantasy Prisme with its honeycomb effect. The smooth, vitrified appearance of these paints plays nicely with light and reflections. The creation has a magic side because the effects appear as the colours are drying. It is amazing!

Explore more of Amylee’s work on her website

Simone Bloom

“In my working life as an architect I deal with carefully measured and drawn solids and voids. However, when I paint I enjoy the freedom of fluidity and ambiguity of form that this medium allows. Over the years my art has evolved through stages of figuration, deconstruction and abstraction.

Currently I am interested in the chemical effects that occur when liquid paints (often oil and acrylic) are combined. This is exhilarating, as the results can be controlled up to a point, but never perfectly predicted. I have been using Pébéo XL Studio Fine Oil Paints and Pébéo Studio Acrylic Paints for some time to achieve these effects, but have now started to experiment with some of their Mixed Media products - particularly the Moon, Vitrail and Ceramic paints, on a variety of surfaces.

Stormy rages, body parts, melted landscapes and superheroes provide some of my subject matter, but so does the untamed liquid quality of paint. Surface tension leads to the illusion of deep space.     My art is a precarious balance between material anarchy and human control.”

Sarah Jones

“I am a mixed media artist based in the south of the UK specialising in abstract, semi-abstract and landscape artwork. I mainly use water based or acrylic media but Pébéo products are an interesting addition to my usual artistic arsenal.

Their Prisme and Fantasy ranges offer something completely different and add new dimensions to my work. I enjoy using the whole Pébéo Mixed Media range as it presents a host of unusual opportunities that other paints don’t offer.”

Explore more of Sarah’s work on her Facebook Page

Don Collinshaw

“I am addicted to acquiring and experimenting with new art materials. Mainly self-taught, I like using bright colours and trying to find ways of using materials that I have not seen used elsewhere. Serendipity has often been a feature of my paintings and the Pébéopaints have added to that element.

Since first seeing the Pébéo range demonstrated in December 2014, I have been hooked on the endless possibilities of the paint. I find I am able to use them, combined with items such as photos, stencils and anything printed to create artwork that carries a message but is still attractive to view.”

Explore more of Don’s work on his website at

Anne Storno

“I am a printmaker and mixed media artist based in London. I rely on photography, drawing, paint and collage to explore the world around me. In my artworks, images are combined, removed from their original narrative context and reconfigured into a new scenario. I appreciate the messiness of sticky glue, soggy paper and the unpredictable nature of the final product. I am interested in working on the boundaries between collage and technology.

My visual language embraces the brightness of Pop Art. I like the screen printing media because it is no longer confined to a simple impression on paper: it offers artists a way to experiment and fail, to test colour relationships and play with ideas.

I like the Pébéo products because it gives you a lot of opportunities to be creative, to work on different materials and to experiment. The colors are bright and shiny, and I think that this range is very good quality and easy to use. You can also find a lot of information and inspiration about them on Internet.”

Explore more of Anne’s work on her website at 

Maiatrayee Biswas

“I have loved to draw and paint since I was a child - but it was not always easy to access affordable, good quality colours growing up in India. This meant experimenting mostly with charcoal and pencil sketches for me. Then my friend gifted me my very first box of Pébéo acrylics and that just opened a whole new world for me. I fell in love with Pébéo since then - the vibrancy, the contrast and the brilliant hues it gives. Pébéo is the brand that I started my acrylic painting journey with. 

In the recent years, I have discovered Pébéo's fantasy colours and they just add a whole new dimension to your artwork. I am fascinated with how they interact, come alive and leave behind a glorious story of their own. I am a full time data analyst, so it does not leave me with a lot of time to pursue my passion of art. However, my love for acrylics only increases the more I work with Pébéo and the exciting variety it offers in the mixed media series. I am planning many more projects and hoping I can make time soon for them.”

Explore more of Maitrayee’s work on her website, at

Sai Miller

“I am best known for my exuberant abstract paintings. I hold a unique outlook in my technique of merging fluidity and motion, with the crisp language of organic elements. My naturalistic paintings evoke a unique depth through layers of hidden imagery and multi-dimensional perspectives.

My work carries fascination focused on bringing forth a fresh understanding to art through a combination of Classical and Digital paintings. Collectively manipulating traditional as well as new techniques to perfectly form and assemble the concept of Emotere “Energy in motion”. 

Pébéo Mixed Media products offer a large variety of different paints and effects like Vitrail, Fantasy Prisme and Fantasy Moon which hold a strong and luminous colour. This enables artists to create fluidity and movements whilst retaining strength and vibrancy.”

Explore more of Sai’s work on his Facebook Page and on Instagram at @sai__miller

Marc Sephton

“I am a mixed media artist from Chelmsford. From a young age, I have always drawn and through my years have experimented with various mediums including graphic design, photography, print and painting.

I produce pieces using reclaimed items, painting onto glass and working with light. Working direct onto glass is a challenge for each piece, deciding which medium is best to use and working in reverse is a challenge in itself. Layers are important and with paint sometimes more is taken off that what goes on. Also the layering of 35mm film cells makes a very interesting and unique background to work with. Taking old items or items that might not have a use anymore and giving them a new life is very exciting. In short, I like to make things that bring colour, life and new thoughts to people's lives.

After discovering the Pébéo Mixed Media Range I realised I had found the right products for me. Over the years I have experimented with many different mediums but Pébéo was the one that helped me complete the visions I wanted to produce. I love how the paint flows and painting onto glass gives me very strong, vibrant and unique results.

This allows me to be free with how I work and show movement and depth in my work. Shining light through the paint also really shows off the wonder and beauty of this amazing product and way the paint reacts with different colour light behind it gives even more depth to my work. I'm looking forward to exploring the world of Pébéo for many years to come.”

Explore more of Marc’s work on his website at

Lesley Gray

“I had never used Pébéo Mixed Media paints before. As a mixed media artist, a friend suggested I try them and put a painting in for this exhibition - just three days before the deadline.  I went out and bought the introductory kit on offer in-store, and once I started experimenting I was hooked. I loved the way the paints intermingled with each other. Cause and effect. Brilliant. Fun. Challenging. In the past, I had only used Pébéo Setacolour for silk painting.

I had only three days to creative my piece, at a time when my husband had suffered a stroke and I was spending a lot of my time at the hospital in London. Pébéo was my saving grace. It was the creative distraction I needed. 

Pébéo gave me a challenge and something to take my mind off my problems. I've only just started experimenting with Pébéo and you can paint almost anything with Pébéo – I've been making and painting jewellery – it’s very versatile. 

Explore more of Lesley’s work on her Facebook Page.

Alan Cracknell

“I am a self-taught Mixed Media Artist based in London. As an Artist, I experiment with different types of mixed media, and I have definitely found my soul mate with Pébéo Mixed Media products. They have a great range of colours and the price is very affordable.

My favourite is the Pébéo Mixed Media Discovery Set; you get to see how the Vitrail, Ceramic, Fantasy Prisme and Fantasy Moon work together creating glorious patterns and textures with a beautiful glossy finish.

I usually start by pouring the Pébéo layer upon layer while tipping the canvas on its side to create movement and flow, I then use a pallet knife to spread the different mediums together and get the effect I need.”

Explore more of Alan’s work on his Facebook Page.

Emma Tweedie

"As a mixed media artist, experimentation with new products, materials and techniques is fundamental. With Pébéo I always tend to have a selection of products in my 'toolkit', everything from the basic acrylics to the Vitrail translucent mediums. I want my finished results to be dynamic and contemporary, but using traditional landscape themes. The Fantasy Moon products are great for shimmering seascapes and contemporary coastal effects, whilst I use the acrylics to build up layers on the background of my work."

Explore more of Emma’s work at 

Tasmin Mazumder

"My style and practice incorporates a fusion of Islamic Art and Henna Art, predominantly using silver ink on black background, creating my own metallic style.  I really enjoy using Pébéo Cerne Relief Outliners which add a stunning, coloured 3D texture to my work.

I have always wanted to learn how to use the Pébéo Fantasy Prisme and Moon ranges, so I went to a workshop by Pablo Lugo at Cass Art Islington and I was fascinated to see how easy these products were to use, whilst producing such visually striking and spontaneous results. So on that day I bought the Pébéo Fantasy Prisme, Moon and Vitrail kits and have not looked back since.

Experimenting with these products and the Cerne Relief Outliners together has added more depth and dimensions to my work, including varied textures and beautiful effects. I absolutely love how easily these products worked together, creating such stunning details and positively enhancing the characteristics of my piece 'SHE'. Incorporating Pébéo products into my artwork has helped create a new energy and unique edge to my style and I look forward to using these more.”

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