Artistic Lino Prints by Striped Pebble

by Cass Art

Have you ever seen lino prints with such a fantastic range of tone and shadow? From sisterly collaboration Striped Pebble, it doesn’t stop at prints – drawing, painting, cards and collage all feature in their repertoire. Not only that, all the work you see online is available to purchase from their Folksy page, a site dedicated to handmade design and craft. We caught up with Jane Kendall from Striped Pebble for more information on how they do what they do!

Have you always been into art and design? When did you realise that you made a great team?

Art has been a huge part of our lives for as long as I can remember. We are very different as sisters, but that need to be creative is the same in both of us. We work well together because we get excited about the same sort of things, in fact we tend to get a little over excited and plan crazy ventures, many of which don’t seem half as viable the next morning, but it’s fun to plan. We work with a third partner, Mike, whose work you will also see on our website. Mike is my husband, and we also run a graphic design partnership from home. He insisted on getting in on the act when it became apparent that our planning meetings were mostly in our lovely local pub. We also have two teenage daughters, whose skill and creative ability is quickly overtaking our own, so I expect our team could grow in the next few years.

Where do you both find inspiration?

Everywhere we look. For me it’s often in the little details, the insects, the changes in the seasons, life in my garden, every inch of it. I love pattern and colour and often find inspiration in textiles. Right now I’m feeling inspired by Hokusai’s incredible woodcuts, always Bridgit Riley’s wonderful work is at the edge of my brain. And soon we hope it will snow, and then of course it’s spring, if I’m feeling short of ideas, I know there is always something new just waiting round the corner.

You use a variety of different techniques, which ones are your favourite and what is your process like?

My favourite medium is lino. I love the whole process, the designing, the cutting and the printing. I don’t have a press, I print everything in small numbers at home, just using rollers and brushes. It allows me to play more with technique, colour and paper. Lino is a wonderful medium, everyone should have a go.

What materials are your essentials and your favourites? 

I use three rollers in different sizes, and a few chunky hog hair brushes, block printing inks, I always have the primary colours and white, then I can make any colour I need. I roll the ink on an old glass work top. My favourite paper to use is hand made from lokta, it has a wonderfully earthy feel to it that really suits my designs.

As well as selling your pieces online, is there a chance we can see your work exhibited?

In Bristol, we are lucky enough to have a thriving art industry, and each area organises its own art trail, which I play a part in each year. I also sell through an independent shop in Bristol, and anywhere I’m selling or exhibiting we try to make sure is listed on the Striped Pebble website.

See something you like? Head to Striped Pebble’s Folksy page to pick up your chosen pieces. Otherwise, give it a go yourself and stock up on materials from our online store. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on exciting emerging artists.

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