Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year: James Green, Fourth Heat Winner

by Cass Art

James Green was the winner of the most recent heat on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year, when several painters gathered to paint outside at Lyme Park. James is a bit different to most of the competitors on the show though, as he's a printmaker rather than a painter, and he's actually had experience of working in front of the cameras before.

Did you recognise him? James competed in Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year in 2013, and this year he's managed to lino-cut his way to the semi-final of the Landscape show! We chat to James about his success, his inspiration and the experience of working on the show this time.

James Green Print-maker
What was it like painting on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year?

I thought it'd be fairly straightforward, compared with the Portrait series that I took part in. Landscapes are part of what I do (portraits are not generally!), but I think I actually found it more difficult, as my expectations were higher. I did enjoy it an awful lot, though.  

Did you talk to the other artists and the judges much?

Whilst the competition was happening I spoke to the other artists very little. We were all so busy trying to get our pictures completed. The judges did come and chat with us throughout the day to find out what was happening. I hope I made some sense trying to explain my methods. They were very friendly. After the competition the artists did then get time for a chat about the experience, and we got to share our thoughts on the surreal day.

 Blackbird by James Green

Which kinds of art materials do you use and why? 

I'm not a painter, but a printmaker, and I specialise in linocuts. So the inks I use are Nerchau water-based block-printing inks from Germany. 

Were you pleased with your final painting at Lyme Park?

Yes, although in an ideal world I'd have liked to have spent another few hours on it. I'm guessing most artists will say this! 

Lyme Park Gardens 

Finally, which top three artists inspire your work?

Max Beckmann

Francisco Goya

Egon Schiele

Print by James Green

Feeling inspired?

Find out more about James Green's work on his webshop and his blog.

Give lino cutting a go yourself with the Essedee Lino Printing Set.

Catch Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year on Tuesdays at 8pm.

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