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The Art of the Christmas Gift

by Cass Art

This year’s Christmas inspiration was nostalgia and story-telling, pulling on those memories and stories that bring the magic to the festive season. What story would you tell, what memories do you have. From sharing mulled wine, decorating the tree and reminiscing about our loved ones whilst wrapping gifts. We all have a story to tell, and at Cass Art one of our favourites is the story of colour. We love it. And in that our Christmas story began. ’The Gift of Art – Colour your Christmas’

Creating The Christmas Team

Everyone knows all good stories need good characters, and as a supporter of artists we wanted to bring this chapter together with in-house illustrator – Laura Slinn. We developed a family of woodland creatures, sure to be crowd pleasers, all poised to play their part in adding colour to Christmas. From Raccoon and Squirrel to Bear and Reindeer, our Christmas at Cass is all about frivolity, colour and The Gift of Art. All hand drawn by Laura you can see her preparatory sketches for the latest additions to the Cass Art family below:

Our family of characters were then brought to life by our in house design team - telling visual stories across our store windows and interiors. Using a mixture of traditional and modern colours associated with Christmas – the palette complements a variety of uses. The story continues online and in social media, leaving a trail of colour and Christmas characters across our screens. 

About The Team

Reindeer - We can probably all agree that it's a thankless task to be a reindeer at this time of year and you can probably see that from his expression no doubt. Wondering when Christmas will be over and we can all get back to normal. The new normal obviously, let’s not forget that!

Dove - We wanted to have a dove to signify peace and love which is an important message at not only this time of year but in the current climate generally. Bringing a shiny star into the Christmas scene.

Bear - He is carrying out some of the grown up's Christmas duties like decorating the tree and putting the lights up, whilst wishing someone had Marie Kondo'd the xmas decorations. Oh no! The new puppy they got during lockdown has run away with the other end of the fairy lights!

Racoon - Racoon is using their tiny racoon hands to bring gifts and put some colour in this year's incredibly unique xmas. 

Hedgehog - Hedgehog is back for a second Christmas but this year decided to put on the cutest woolly hat inspired by @hedgehogswearinghats and help to Colour Your Christmas.

Squirrel - Back by popular demand, Side Eye Squirrel is here again! Like many people, squirrel took up painting during lock down. Inspiration…. The one and only Bob Ross! Who else?

Their Journey To Our Stores

As you may know following goverment guidlines sadly we've recently had to close our stores in England. So in the meantime these woodland creatures have made their way into our stores all across the country to keep an eye on them whilst shut! 

You can check out Laura Slinn's work on her website and do be sure to follow her on her Instagram too.

Downloadable Christmas Colouring Sheets 

Bring their cheeky personalities into your homes this Christmas with our festive colouring in sheets, perfect for keeping little creatives busy while you wrap up the presents! 

Download the sheets now and print them at home, or pop into one of our stores and pick up a pack of sheets todau.

Like everyone, we're not sure what Christmas is going to look like this year - but while we're waiting to see who we can have for Christmas dinner we're starting to enjoy some festive cheer. Whichever way we connect this December we're encouraging our community to come together through creativity this Christmas by giving the gift of art. So, whether you're looking for the inspiration and materials to create your own hand made gift, or treating the artist in your life to something new we're got you covered. From a little luxury to the ideal stocking filler, colour your Christmas with Cass Art. 

Looking For The Perfect Gift This Year?

We've collaborated to showcase some of your favourite products this festive season, from the renowed Winsor & Newton Professional watercolour half pan set to the expansive Liquitex 48 basics selection. Watch our videos below, discover what's inside the box and chose your perfect Christmas gift for the artist in your life. 

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Set of 24

The Winsor & Newton 24 Half Pan Set  is the ideal gift for any watercolourist with its broad spectrum of brilliant, pure colours made from the finest pigments ready at the touch of a brush, housed in a portable metallic case that doubles as a palette too.

Liquitex Basics Set of 48

With a carefully curated range of 48 colours this set offers a broad spectrum of permanent, water-resistant acrylic colour with Liquitex’ s trademark clarity at an affordable price. Permanent and water-resistant, these paints are mixed with great care, to produce acrylic colours with Liquitex’s trademark clarity.

Winsor & Newton Oil Bamboo Wooden Box

The Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour Bamboo Wooden Box would make a wonderful gift for anyone serious about oil painting. It strikes the ideal balance between the finest pigments and excellent handling and mixing qualities, based on the company’s history of over 180 years of colour-making. it's also pure, stable and consistent and carries the highest degree of lightfastness and permanence.

Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Coloured Pencil Set of 48

This selection of wonderfully rich, vibrant colour thick-core pencils are ideal for artist or illustrator. Their soft texture makes blending easy and the high-quality leads mean they're beautifully smooth and responsive to use, whether you're building up intense colour or working on delicate shading. This set is also presented in a stylish plain metal tins, embossed with the iconic Winsor & Newton logo.

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour and Brush Wallet - both Cass Art exclusives 

The Cotman Watercolour set of 36 offers Winsor & Newton watercolour at a more affordable price, without compromising on quality. The set also includes two of their renowned Artists' Professional half pans for you to try. The Winsor & Newton Cotman Brush Wallet gives you outstanding value, with six quality watercolour brushes inside a strong zip-up wallet

Winsor & Newton William Collection Ink

The Winsor & Newton William Collection Drawing Ink Pack is an excellent introduction to the bold and beautiful world of pen and ink, complete with a booklet explaining different techniques.

Create your own festive gifts and cards

We’ve got a selection of festive how-to and guides to making your own Christmas treats this season, perfect for keeping creative hands busy during this period. Whether you’re sending a card to send some festive cheer, or creating your own prints and decorations to bring your house to life. 

Find Inspiration to craft your own cards and prints

Follow our step-by-step guide to lino printing and turn your own illustrations and designs into festive prints. 

Create your own Christmas papercut card 

Follow our How To Guide and Top Tips to becoming a master of paper cut craft and transform your illustrations into intricate 

Create your own Wishlist to get the gift you want this Christmas 

Our online shop includes a brilliant ‘Wish List’ feature, where you can add items to your Wish List just like you would your online Basket. They're saved each time you search, and then you can then send your list to a friend, family member or of course, Father Christmas.

Not sure what to give the artist in your life?

Not sure what the artist in your life needs this Christmas? Our online gift vouchers are the perfection solution to help you give the gift of creativity. They can chose exactly what they want when they need it!


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