An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Watercolour Painting

by Cass Art

Watercolour is a material of wonderful flexibility, professionals and hobbyists continue to turn to this medium to create their work. The versatile nature of watercolour allows you to take it wherever you need to go, from sitting in your studio or garden to venturing round the country with a travel set in your pocket.

Image Credit: Lead image created by Jola Sopek.

And as always, we're on hand to support with an extensive range of high quality products from the world's top brands - From Cass Art,   Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, Schmincke and Golden QoR to name a few. From singles to sets, brushes to paper we've got everything you need to create your next - or even first - masterpiece. 


We offer an extensive range of watercolour paints - perfect for all your creative needs. The Winsor & Newton Half Pans are great for slowly building up layered artwork, while the Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour Tubes are ideal for applying intense layers of bold, eye catching colour to your art. Innovation is key for us - Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Watercolour singles, for example, feature a unique specially selected Kodorfan Gum Arabic as binding medium.

We're also delighted to introduce our Cass Art Watercolour Paints which are made from the highest quality pigments, with each colour offering the highest possible lightfastness and permanence ratings. 

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Sets are a great way to get your essential watercolour toolkit in one go - and at great value. The Winsor & Newton Bamboo Box has everything you need to get creating, while the Cass Art Artists' Watercolour Set of 12 comes in a sturdy metal tin - perfect for taking with you on your creative pursuits. We also have a variety of pocket sized watercolour kits for those wishing to create masterpieces on the move, including the Cass Art Professional Watercolour Quarter Pan & Brush in Travel Pouch.

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Artists looking to maximise the effectiveness of their painting and create a specific finish need to make sure they are using the correct watercolour brush for their goal. The Pro Arte Prolene Plus Synthetic Brush is perfect for those just starting out with watercolour while the Winsor & Newton Kolinsky Series 7 is ideal for professionals. Find out how this exceptional brush is made below:

Or choose our Cass Art Collection artists' quality sable watercolour brushes - resilient and supple they will truly give a professional performance.

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Watercolour mediums are a great way to build on your practice and create new effects. An area where top brands continue to innovate, we're proud to stock an extensive range that includes Winsor & Newton Watercolour Art Masking FluidWinsor & Newton Gum Arabic. Daniel Smith has developed a Watercolour Ground - a medium that creates a soft, absorbent watercolour surface that's similar to cold pressed paper.

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Perfect for fine details or creating a different look, we stock artist quality watercolour pencils, pens, markers and sticks from a number of the world's leading brands of art materials. Winsor and Newton are pushing boundaries with their Watercolour Markers while Derwent have developed a range of Watercolour Pencils - which you can use as a normal colouring pencil or add water to get the translucent and versatile effects of a watercolour paint. We also offer our own watercolour pencils from the Cass Art Collection - available in 36 highly pigmented colours.

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Watercolour paper is available in both hot and cold pressed varieties: hot-pressed paper is smoother and has a fine grain whereas cold-pressed has a more textured surface. The Cass Art Jumbo Gummed Watercolour Pads are available in a range of sizes and are able to withstand heavy watercolour washes while Arches Aquarelle Watercolour Block is chosen by many of the world's leading watercolour artists, with paper made from 100% cotton fibre. 

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