Our Mission:

Let's fill this town with artists

The Cass Art Manifesto

  • Art is Freedom

    Cass Art believes in art. We know the freedom and creative pleasure it brings. So we want everyone to realise they can do it - and afford it.

  • Best Materials

    Artists need the choice of all the best materials. We stock the top brands from around the world, as favoured by the UK's artists.

  • Best Prices

    We negotiate directly with all the famous suppliers. They help us, so we can help you. That's why our prices are as low as they can go.

  • Our Shop

    The space is designed to help you and inspire you. Materials are organised and displayed just the way you want them. The effect is thoughtful and contemporary.

  • Our People

    Our staff are artists. They know art. They enjoy working with what they know. They give you intelligent and thoughtful advice - no bluffing, no hidden agenda.

  • Our Nation

    We established our first shop next to the National Gallery in 1984 and remain independently owned. For over 30 years we have been on a mission to fill this country (its cities, towns and villages) with artists.

Please do get in touch to let us know how we can collectively amplify the voice of the artist.