Watercolour enables you to create watery-transparent effects (or washes), and to work in a more intricate and detailed manner. It’s water-based and is applied solely to paper, with the white of the paper often used as part of the finished work.

Gouache is a form of opaque Watercolour, and is also water-based. It’s ideal if you want to make flat, solid, smooth washes of strong, bright colour. Like Watercolour, Gouache is best suited for use upon watercolour paper or heavier-weight cartridge paper. 


There are a few key watercolour mediums that can be used to create even wider variety of techniques and effects in working watercolour. 

Masking Fluid is liquid composed of rubber latex and pigment, with a slight yellow tinge and is used for masking areas of work when colour is applied in washes. Once removed it reveals the original colour and surface of the paper which has been masked. Brushes required cleaning immediately after use and it is advised that it is remove as soon as possible after application.

Colourless Masking Fluid is a non-staining, colourless version of conventional masking fluid which can be used in the same way but is recommend when softer sized paper is used or where it is applied for a prolonged period with the risk of staining the paper.

Gum Arabic is a pale coloured solution that can be used to control the spread of wet colour, reduce staining and slows the drying of colour. Gum Arabic can also be used to increase the gloss, flow and transparency and can be diluted with water as required.