Artist How To: Create your own ‘Remi Rough’

by Cass Art

Artist How To: Create your own ‘Remi Rough' 

We love Remi’s vibrant and angular style so much that we convinced him to teach us how to give it a go ourselves!

1. Spontaneity can be a fantastic tool, but to make the most of a clean crisp edge, it’s best to plan a bit first. I create my work on Photoshop or Illustrator first, and then go from there. I’ll then use a metal ruler, to measure out my design -metal rulers are superior to plastic ones as they don’t chip and are heavier so slide around less. I work with a mechanical pencil so the tip is always sharp and gently rub away any mistakes with a putty eraser, drawing onto a heavyweight cartridge paper.

2. I use refinishing masking tape to outline my shape so no residue is left behind on the page. Then I tape newspaper over the rest of the page with regular masking tape. Making sure that you’re in a well-ventilated space, preferably by a wide open window or outdoors, spray your shape from about a metre away for an even coverage. For more opacity, spray on another layer.

3. Continue this process, using the refinishing tape to keep a crisp line, and your masking tape/newspaper combination to cover the rest of the page. Using Montana spray paints, I have blended both orange and pink paints to create a really vivid, almost neon red. Blending spray paints can be difficult as it’s all about an even coat with lots of very thin layers. As usual, it’s always best to practice first!

4. You can cut into the tape with a scalpel when the line you’ve designed is more intricate than what the tape itself can provide. Leave to dry and then you’ll have yourself your own painting à la Remi! 

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