Behind The Boosh

by Cass Art

Following the whimsical and wonderful adventures of Vince Noir and Howard Moon, the comedy series The Mighty Boosh has charmed viewers since 1998. The development of the project has seen the Boosh become one of the most successful British comedy acts of all time, complete of course with a dedicated cult following.

Through the lens of cast member Dave Brown's camera, Proud Galleries are offering a unique insight spanning fifteen years of backstage shenanigans, from early live gigs at the Edinburgh Fringe to full set production at the BBC. Perhaps the most enticing feature of all, not the wacky costumes or surreal sets, is the indisputable friendship between the cast. These images feel as though they are beaming with a delight that can only come from doing something you love with people you love. This charm is unavoidable and as a viewer it’s impossible not to smile – even if you know nothing about the Boosh!

Far from what you'd expect of any kind of photography diary, Brown's shots are composed and elegant, of fantastic quality and style. Aside from his role as Bollo the ape in the television series, he's also an accomplished designer and art director. While Proud Galleries Camden might be a little hard to find among the swarming market shoppers, once you've arrived there's plenty more to enjoy, live music, a bar and an array of squashy sofas to rest easy. For both fans of the Mighty Boosh and those who are curious - this exhibition is a must see.

Behind the Boosh will be on display until 1st December and is free. Check out more details online at Proud Galleries. You can also check out some of Noel Fielding's own paintings through Hooligan Art Dealer.

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