Drawing Biennial 2015: Own A Piece By A Revered Artist

by Cass Art

Matt Saunders, Theatre, Unique silver gelatin print, 25.2 x 19.8 cm 

A drawing can be anything. It is arguably one of the most free, most dynamic mediums out there. Ask an artist to make a drawing and the results are limitless - a pencil or charcoal sketch, a scribbled diagram, a line of text or smudge of ink.

Nothing represents the variety and freedom of drawing like the Drawing Biennial at The Drawing Room. Now open to the public, the exhibition showcases 264 drawings by both established and emerging artists, all of which are up for auction. Make the right bid and you could be the lucky owner of your favourite drawing!

What's more, if you donate to the Drawing Room, you'll be in with a chance to win £250 to spend at The Drawing Biennial. Enter the prize draw here.

Angela de la Cruz drawing
Angela de la Cruz, Too Big For The Paper, Acrylic on paper, 21 x 29.7 cm 

The Drawing Room was set up in 2003 as a non-profit organisation, and it remains so to this day. The first Drawing Room show started as a way of funding their projects, but also as an experiment to see if artists and art-lovers thought that a space dedicated to drawing was a good idea. It absolutely was. Twelve years later, they are still going strong, and every two years their inaugural concept resurfaces as The Drawing Biennial.

This year Cass Art is thrilled to support the Drawing Biennial 2015, and we urge you to go and see it for yourselves before the auction opens on the 16th April.

Boo Saville Drawing Room
Boo Saville, Nerium Oleander, Ballpoint pen on paper, 29.8 x 21 cm

But how does it work?

The Drawing Room invite artists to make a drawing on an A4  piece of paper. Not all of these artists are associated with the medium of drawing, and there are no rules, other than that they can't contribute anything larger than A4, and the piece has to be brand new work. 

The artists are sent a sheet of paper wrapped in tissue, and forced to think about paper and drawing, to produce something fresh and new, adapt to the constraints of the A4 page and work in new ways.

Tim Etchells drawing
Tim Etchells, Can You See, Acrylic paint on paper, 20.9 x 29.5 cm 

The results are spell-binding; wall upon wall of the Drawing Room is covered in different drawings, from sketches to sentences to scribbles, in a variety of drawing mediums. Marks are made in ever-innovative ways - cut from the page, folded, spilled, scratched and printed. It really is a sight to see. 

Oona Grimes drawing
Oona Grimes, Bild Star, Gouache and felt pen on paper, 21 x 29.5 cm 

The exhibition is now open to the public, and all of the work is up for auction on the Drawing Biennial auction site, with the sales contributing to The Drawing Room's programme for the next two years.

What can I see?

This year, the Drawing Biennial has seen more submissions than it has ever received, and there are some big names to see. Artists have been selected by Drawing Room directors Mary Doyle, Kate Macfarlane and Katharine Stout, with additional nominations by a panel of leading international artists, curators and collectors.

Louise Hopkins
Louise Hopkins, Untitled (Scarlet Rose Yellow Black), Watercolour on folded paper, 21 x 29.7 cm 

Drop by to see drawings by Art & Language, Miroslaw Balka, Phyllida Barlow, David Batchelor, Michael Craig-Martin, Martin Creed, Angela de la Cruz, Richard Deacon, Tacita Dean, Tracey Emin, Anish Kapoor, Cornelia Parker, Ciara Phillips, Laure Prouvost, Eva Rothschild, George Shaw, Bob & Roberta Smith, Mark Titchner, Luc Tuymans, Mark Wallinger, Richard Wilson and many more. 

Explore what drawing means to you, from geometric cut outs to soft sketches of icebergs; an illustration of a shop interior, or careful spillage of some paint. Trees, circles, wine glasses, human figures, geometric collages, limbs and fuzzy landscapes all appear, and it's your call to decide which is your favourite. 

Tim Knowles drawing
Tim Knowles, Step Pour #1, Indian ink on folded paper, 25.5 x 21 cm 

How can I bid? 

In the final two weeks of the exhibition, from 16th-30th April 2015, all of the works become available for bid on the Drawing Room website. 

Every drawing will start at only £250, so it's a rare and exciting opporutunity for new and established collectors alike to acquire a unique work on paper.

The works have all been kindly donated by the participating artists, and raises the funds to support the Drawing Room over the next two years. 

You can register to bid here.

Prize Draw

Donate £5 or more to us by 14 April 2015 and you will be entered into a Free Prize Draw to win a £250 Drawing Biennial 2015 gift voucher. Enter your details for the chance to win here.

Ute Panella Drawing
Ute Panella, In The Waves, Indian ink pen, marker, pencil and collage, 29.9 x 21 cm

Feeling inspired?

Visit the Drawing Biennial at The Drawing Room from 5th March to 30th April 2015.

Follow them on Twitter with the hashtag #drawingb2015.

Browse our drawing materials and find your perfect drawing tools.

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