Drawing Change with Artist Kris Lamorena Ramirez

by Cass Art

Kris Lamorena Ramirez bases her drawings on objects that have their own stories. Exploring light, form and texture, she creates minimal compositions and explores the beauty of the everyday, the overlooked histories of inanimate things. Her drawings are made on a large scale with several layers of tone and depth.

An artist who works in our Charing Cross shop, she wanted to share her thoughts on her favourite art materials to inspire others to START drawing. Whether pen, pencils or ink is your thing, it's time to experiment and give something a go.

Remember that all of our staff are artists, so don't be shy to drop by to any of our art shops to ask a specific question or help you start a new medium

Hat by Kris Ramirez

Hi Kris! Can you tell me about your drawings in a bit more detail?

At the moment I am putting together a body of work that explores forms, textures and design of objects by producing up close and large scale drawings using pigment liners on watercolour paper.  I am inspired by objects of the past at the cusp of the development of  automated and digital technologies.  Objects that have undergone changes and have been a part of movements in history and are still relevant today either its original design or a contemporary adaptation using new technologies.   And mostly objects of good design which are normally overlooked.  

Did you study art?

I studied art & design at college and went on to do a BA in furniture & product design at Ravensborne. The one major thing I learned is to really study a form and understand its design and structure.  If you become good at that it becomes easy to understand why objects are designed the way they are, its ergonomics and how to improve it.

Drawing in pigment liner 

What drawing materials are you using at the moment?

I use only Staedtler pigment liners for the drawings on watercolour paper right now.  I love working in monochrome in this controlled style of drawing what is best described as squiggles.  As limiting as it can be I use it create layers upon layers of depth and texture. 

Compared to other pigment liners I find Staedtler pens have a more controlled flow of ink and surprisingly these pens last a long time.  The smallest size of 0.05 are great for very delicate lines and the permanent pigment makes for colour that will last.   These pens are ideal for work which require precision.

What are your favourite art materials and why? 

I draw portraits in a more loose style using Winsor & Newton black Indian ink with dipping pens, and Winsor & Newton artists' watercolour. The colours are vibrant and lush and just such good quality.

If you could give a piece of advice to someone starting out with drawing for the first time, what would it be?

Study, practice and experiment with the qualities of your chosen medium, and work out the different effects you can create. 

Drawing in monochrome 

What do you like about working in Charing Cross?

It's always busy and lively with both staff and customers. Plus it's a great location next to all the museums and galleries, and of course Chinatown (which has the best dim sum in London.)

What’s the strangest question you’ve ever been asked whilst working in Cass Art?

I've had a few...Do you top up oyster cards? Do you sell survival blankets? Is this a Chinese medicine shop?

Feeling inspired?

Kris works in Cass Art Charing Cross, just by The National Gallery. All our staff artists so drop by and ask any creative queries you might have.

Visit Kris Lamorena Ramirez's website and see more of her drawings here.  

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