Fashion Highlights of 1984

by Cass Art

So our 30th Anniversary Sale is coming to an end this weekend, but we hope you've enjoyed our 1984 deals and details over the past few weeks. We've looked into music and album artwork1984 inventions, movie classics, the era of graffiti art, George Orwell's novel, the history of the Turner Prize and what artists were working on that year - but it's not over yet!

There's still time left, so to round off our birthday celebration we thought we'd take a glimpse at some of the fashion design highlights from the same year Cass Art was launched. 

Fashion Design Picks

1984 saw one of the most influential wardrobe collections of our time - Vivienne Westwood's 'Hypnos' collection. Renowned for her excellent ability to predict trends, Hypnos was the first ever 'sportswear' collection, even daring to feature trainers on the runway.


Although this collection seemed totally trivial at the time, the Sportswear Fashion industry has become the leading trend of the our generation, with sports brands along the high streets and filling our shopping tabs online.

Also in 1984, John Galliano graduated from Central Saint Martins with his famous collection 'Les Incroyables', which was featured in the windows of Browns.

Les Incroyables 

Galliano's career continued to grow, eventually moving to Dior in 1996, where he produced some beautiful garments that are still gems to this day.

Another 1984 fashion star was Jean Paul Gaultier, who created an orange velvet conical bra dress. The silhouette became one of Gaultier's most iconic pieces, as it was worn by Madonna in 1990.

Madonna Conical Bra

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Image Credits:

Image 1 - Wanakee Pugh, Photographed by Bill King, Vogue, Apil 1982

All images  courtesy of Pinterest  

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