Fay Summers Shares Her Watercolours and Inspiration

by Cass Art

To continue our celebration of our Make A Splash Watercolour Challenge, we take a look at the work of Fay Summers, an artist who shared many colourful works with us for the competition.

Whilst Rosie Vohra was the overall winner of the competition, we wanted to find out more about some of the wonderful entries that many other artists submitted.

Fay took an experimental approach to the medium of watercolour, with many of her images inspired by the ocean, fashion and patterns. We asked Fay about her work and inspiration, to get to know the artist behind these bright and beatiful entries!

Thanks so much for taking part in Make A Splash! Did you enjoy the challenge?

A lot of the artwork I create is fairly labour intensive, so it was really good to take time to free up a bit doing the watercolour challenge and experiment more with watercolours, which are one of my favourite medium, as I love their unpredictability in comparison to a lot of the pencil drawing I do.  I find it good to work on a couple of pieces of art at a time as you look at things with fresh eyes when you go back to an unfinished project.

Fay Summers Watercolour Painting 

What are your paintings inspired by?

My art in general is very fashion influenced.  This can incorporate not just catwalk and blogger fashion, but the wider elements of fashion, including textures and materials.  I love gemstones and the unique colours and patterns embedded into them.  I enjoy taking a tiny part of a stone and then magnifying this in my art.  Nature and the world under the sea is very colourful and inspiring.  I also take a lot of inspiration from amazing make-up artists such as Ayami Nishimura and like my art to have an edgy nature to it, as I do love a lot of the high quality street art that is around.

Fay Summers Artist 

Did you study art or are you self-taught?

I am a completely self-taught artist and am actually really enjoying the journey!  I have always loved drawing and it has always been a massive part of my life, it would be amazing for my passion to one day become my full time job!

Oranges and Watermelons watercolour drawing

Who are your favourite artists and have you been to see any inspiring exhibitions lately?

I absolutely love everything by the street artist Miss Van, she is an amazing artist.  Her art has so much personality and her drawing and painting skills are exceptional.  I also have a lot of love for the Amsterdam based tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp, who is an amazingly talented watercolour artist.  In the fashion illustration world, I really love Francois Berthoud's illustrations as well as Jason Brooks' art.  I recently went to the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A - what a genius Alexander McQueen was. The exhibition was so inspiring I am going back again before it ends!

Timea by Fay Summers 

Feeling inspired?

You can view more of Fay Summers' work on her website

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