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The Cass Art Student Ambassador Programme is a voluntary opportunity-filled year designed to give 45 creative students across the UK hands-on experience in the arts industry. Throughout the year, these students are mentored by Cass Art staff as they organise their own events, write for the Cass Art blog and run in-store workshops and pop-up shops. They also have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork at the Cass Art annual show, receive product freebies and build networks with people from a variety of different backgrounds.

Over February and March, we're running a four-part feature on the Cass Art Student Ambassador Programme. Our aim is to give you a sneak peek into the artistic practice of this talented group of students as well as providing links to their websites and Instagram accounts for you to find out more. For this instalment we introduce you to Laura Porteous, Lucy Wintle, , Thomas Hadaway, Rhian Jenkins and Hannah Beazley.

Image credits: Laura Porteous (left) and Lucy Wintle (right)

Laura Porteous: 1st year Jewellery Design at City of Glasgow College

Originally from the east coast of Scotland, Laura is currently studying jewellery design at City of Glasgow College to further her skillset in precious metals and digital media techniques. Currently running her own business Little Bits of Odd Designs she is regularly commissioned to produce works in silver and a variety of other materials and has recently exhibited her work in London, Edinburgh and Fife. A regular in the Glasgow creative scene, Laura enjoys drawing on the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of others. She states that she takes inspiration from ‘architecture and personal battles’ and ‘triumphs when designing new pieces’.

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Lucy Wintle: 2nd year Illustration at University of West England

Lucy aspires to become a freelance illustrator - ideally working in the realms of fantasy, science fiction and gothic art – and particularly enjoys creating highly detailed realistic paintings of fictional characters and places with dark themes. Lucy states: “a high standard of technical ability is one of the chief things I value in art and feel it is vitally important to effectively communicate one’s ideas - one day I hope to hone my skills to match those of the modern masters.”

Image credits: Rhian Jenkins (left) and Thomas Hadaway (right)

Thomas Hadaway: 2nd year Graphic Design and Illustration at De Montford University

Tom is currently working on a number projects within his university including Branding, Zine design, Illustration competitions, Niche Guide Designing and many more. With a passion from nature and outdoor spaces, Tom enjoys exploring multiple new techniques and expanding on his knowledge of designing. He is a student ambassador for his university Graphic Design and Illustration course and is the deputy head of design for the Demon magazine at De Montfort University. He also does a variety of client based work for local businesses in the Leicester area including clothing and print screen designs.

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Rhian Jenkins: 2nd year Illustration and Animation at Kingston University

Studying at Kingston University, Rhian says that she gets to do what she loves everyday – drawing, painting and making. She states “since I was young, stories and fictional characters were in everything I did -from having an alter ego to reading every one of the Roald Dahl books. Illustration for me gives me the breadth to explore the scope and power of words and images together, it also gives me continuous opportunities to research and discover the many complex strands of human life, draw on my past experiences and never stick to just one thing.”

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Image credit: Hannah Beazley

Hannah Beazley: 2nd year Fine Art at Birmingham City University

Hannah’s main source of inspiration for her practice comes from the environment around her, both natural and man-made. Since moving to the city from a rural village her work has taken on a distinctly architectural focus, taking inspiration from the different building styles around the city. She works by manipulating artworks, both digitally and physically as a way of challenging the way we view an image. Hannah states: “although I work with digital media, when producing physical pieces I always look at ways to introduce tactility into my work to challenge the ‘don’t touch’ rule that surrounds an artwork.”

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Thank you Student Ambassadors! Make sure to look out for the next installment of Get to Know Our Cass Art Student Ambasssadors coming up in March.

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