Home & Away • An Extraction of the Domestic Space at the Art Space Glasgow

by Cass Art

Home & Away brings together four artists from across the UK, providing a creative extraction of the domestic space in an exclusive exhibition to the Art Space at Cass Art Glasgow. A collection of the disposable and unnoticed are made permanent in a range of media inspiring scrutiny around our daily duties and dwellings. The works give deliberate consideration to the common and invigorate the banal in what will be a must-see show.

We took a closer look at the work of these artists – one year out of art school, but far beyond that in exploring their practice.

Helena De Pulford

Born just outside of London, Helena graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2015. Helena's work is interested in how gender has been inscribed into forms, objects and geometry across history - and what actions might work with these inscriptions productively.

From analysis of gendered aspects of other artists, she tries to find ways of working that allow an open translation and sometimes subversion of the gendered aspects of these artworks through sculpture.

Materially, this process translates into a sculptural practice that is made up of ‘parts’. Gendered aspects of domesticity and historical artworks influence the types of ‘parts’ used. But the way in which the parts are made and relate to each other are particularly concerned with the idea of excess in gender theory. This interest is figured primarily through the use of waste (as a motif) and recombination or reconstitution as process.

Helena was the Cass Art Prize Winner 2015 for her degree show work at Central Saint Martins. She will be showing her latest video piece as part of Home & Away.

Alice Chandler

Born and based in Leeds, Alice graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2015 and recently exhibited in both Norwich and Dundee. Alice's practice is underpinned by a focus on the things we fill our world with, and why we do so. This stems from a fascination in the agency of objects, and how our engagement with them is often influenced by gender and taste. In particular, domestic objects, as items we contend with and handle every day, thus forming a material biography of our lives and helping to define us as people.

Alice is interested in the relationships between familiar and unfamiliar, domestic and industrial, functional and functionless, and the crossover between sculpture, craft, fetish, and contemporary design. By transforming everyday objects through use of colour, scale, and material, she aims to create objects and installations that become layered with context and are capable of triggering multiple associations, whilst also maintaining a level of aesthetic pleasure.

Alice will be exhibiting a selection of her sculptures for Home & Away.

Jack Evans

Born in Mansfield and based in London, Jack graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2015. Jack's work focuses on the direct relationships between aspiration and the banal. Recognizable domestic surfaces present unnerving textures that remind the viewer of places perhaps lost. He describes a putrid totality to its whiteness, bleached surfaces claiming dominance of time and space. Endless repetitions are tirelessly unique and lay claim to a generation bred on a diet of apathy.

He explores the relationship with aesthetic and design, especially within surfaces that aren't marketed to society, not bought. How is a taste acquired for products not advertised? Woodchip, Artex, pebbledash, concrete, terrazzo. A mix of faux, luxurious and downright cheap materials almost literally smashed together to creating more often than not oppressive amalgamation of incoherent taste and forms.

Jack will be showing a series of "paintings" and sculpture as part of Home & Away.

Sonia Hufton

Sonia, born in Norwich and based in Glasgow, graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2014 and subsequently took part of the Phoenix Bursary. Sonia creates domestic compositions often housed within murals or painted forms. These are suggestive of figures intermingled with the structures of furniture. She makes playful suggestions to mimic small incidents which take place within the home.

Sonia will be showing a site specific installation within Home & Away.

Home & Away part showing in the Cass Art Glasgow Art Space from 6 - 18 August, curated by Georgia Stephenson.

The Art Space Glasgow is a dedicated space available for local artists to host exhibitions, workshops and events. Head in store or contact the store manager for more information.

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