How To: Make Tea Light Baubles For Christmas

by Cass Art Student Ambassador

Christmas is fantastic, but festive preparations can be stressful; battling through hoardes of people trying to get your hands on that last pack of tinsel or Christmas crackers...we've all been there. That's why, this year, we want to inspire people to MAKE CHRISTMAS. Step away from the shops, use those creative skills, and turn your festive season into something truly unique! 

To help you do this, we've got a series of creative How To features written by our team of art students across the UK. In this edition Tavia Panton goes mad for metallic, and using only a can of Montana Gold Spray Paint, gives us some great ideas for DIY decorations.  

Spray paint is the perfect craft material for creating beautiful and unique Christmas decorations. It can be applied to a range of surfaces; I’ve been playing around with the Montana Gold Chrome Spray, and have chosen some materials you may find around the house to create cheap, simple, but stunning ornaments.

Read on for a step-by-step guide to making Tea Light Baubles.


Gold Spray Paint

Tea light candles


Cotton thread

Small needle



Protective clothing


Step 1: Prepare the Cases

Take the candles out of the metal cases by gently pulling from the wick. Using your needle, poke a hole through one side of the case and thread in the cotton to create a loop from which to hang your bauble.

Step 2: Quilling

To create the design for the middle of the case, cut or shred thin strips of paper. Take each individual strip and make a few different loops and rolls that can be stuck together with glue, to create a unique ‘quilling’ design. Manipulate the paper quills into the cases so that they are snug enough to not require any extra adhesive to hold them in place.

Step 3: Spray

Put on your protective clothing and spray evenly over your decoration, building up the colour slowly through multiple layers. It’s a good idea to start with the quilling on the inside of the case, and then go on to spray the back and sides. Leave the baubles upside down and allow to dry..

Step 4: Hang and Admire

Switch on your fairy lights, put up your feet and enjoy a well-earned mince pie.

By Cass Art Student Ambassador, Tavia Panton

Feeling inspired?

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