Last chance: Visit Our Staff Artists at the Taproom

by Cass Art

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As many of you who have visited our stores will know, Cass Art only employs artists. Aside from the fantastic advice for our customers, this also benefits anyone with a keen interest in emerging art. 

'Art at the Taproom' is an independent exhibition curated by employee Jeremy Burns and partner Sophie Malleson, where staff from Cass Art feature their limitless talent with works of oil paints, photography, etching and illustration. This eclectic mix can be admired whilst enjoying a locally brewed ale in the bar. The exhibition opened at the beginning of October and has been a great success, this weekend is your last chance to see what it's all about.

With no other intentions than to inspire creativity and get the locals looking at art over a pint it's safe to say that 'Art at the Taproom' has gone above and beyond expectation. Both the venue and the artists are thriving on their newfound creative partnership. For the Taproom it was their debut in becoming a space for art, there's been a lot of encouragement from the owners and it by no means will this exhibit be their one hit wonder.

The collective of around 16 artists with varying materials and graphic styles each demonstrating their own exciting skills. Whether your taste is in Hendrix or dog breeding, light boxes or screen prints there's bound to be something here that will tickle your fancy, better still it's all for sale.

Jeremy and Sophie are eager to explore the options open to them after overcoming any minor hiccups for their first show. There's talk of more events and themed exhibitions, which is rather fitting for a venue that already showcases live music and cinema screenings. Sophie explains how fortunate they were to work with the owners who share their enthusiasm for exploring big ideas and are at hand to help out as much as possible. Likewise for the artists themselves, it's unanimous that any work out there shouldn't be gathering dust at home, it should be up on walls, getting reactions and being a talking point.

Combining the cool vibe of the Taproom with the contemporary, and quite frankly exceptional, local art is a stroke of genius and it's certain that there's a wealth of excitement up ahead. Cass Art is very proud to have been a primary foundation of 'Art at the Taproom', celebrating emerging artists and local businesses. 

The Taproom is located at 163 Upper Street Islington, find out more at

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