Meet the Artist Behind the Paint

by Cass Art

Celebrated British painter artist, Scarlett Raven is a Central Saint Martins graduate and one of the youngest artists to have had a solo exhibition in London’s esteemed Cork Street Galleries. She was even described by ES Magazine as “a Van Gogh in the making.” As well as enjoying international critical acclaim she boasts a number of high profile supporters such as Duffy, Take That, Orlando Bloom and Jim Beach. You may also remember when she painted live in our Charing Cross window.

In her own words:

"I want to capture the ‘act’ of creation by using a range of materials, shapes, textures and colour to leave an imprint of the processes that make the finished piece. I also employ a variety of techniques including sculpture, collage and drawing. I find it exciting to experiment with materials. I paint from memory and imagination. I like to be led by my materials - that captured energy is vital to my work. The sense of honesty in this discovery adds to the rawness and the emotional charge of my paintings."

We caught up with Scarlett about her favourite Cass Art products:

Winton Oil Colour 200ml Titanium White Double Pack

"Incredible value for money. White oil paint I go through 2/3 200ml tubes daily. I’d be lost without this deal."

Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colour Classic Set

"I use a lot of oil paint and sometimes straight from the tube. I like to make sure I am always stocked up with these sets. And again great value for money. The primary colours are luscious and vibrant and my most in demand."

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour Prussian Blue

"This is my favourite colour Oil paint and it has to be artist Quality. Diluted it is so stunning. I have dreams about this colour."

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour Renaissance Gold

"Beautifully rich, you really feel that you are painting something special when working with gold. It takes the painting to another place. It also comes in 37 ml. The Copper and silver are stunning too. It also spreads far if you are worried about cash. You only need to use a little for its presence to be known too."

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour Cobalt Turquoise Light

"I love blue and this colour and weight of the paint is incredible.  I create sections of a painting using just this colour alone. It provides a sense of tranquillity and piece that compliments other more chaotic expressive sections."

Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour Cadmium Red Deep (Hue)

"The prices of the Newton collection are fantastic! My favourite red has to be the Cadmium. Bright Poppies come to mind. Very vibrant and violent too. This is my second favourite colour oil paint, my first being the Artist Quality Prussian Blue."

Jakar Flower-Shaped Plastic Palette

"I love using this it’s like little pockets of life. They are really easy to clean and I like to have lots on the go so it’s great that they are cheap to buy. I feel the same way about the Jakar Palette Knives."   

Liquitex Artist Acrylic Spray Paint

"I love the affects you can make with spray paint. But get put off by the fumes. These are totally solvent-free and odourless which is amazing!  My favourite colour is the Fluorescent Green."

Scarlett has recently been interviewed in ‘Art TO Art’ hosted by Ola Onabule, a singer, songwriter, record producer and Educator. 

Scarlett is currently showing in Bristol at the VIEW GALLERY. 6th march – April 27nd. To view more of Scarlett’s work and find out more about her please visit her website

Scarlett is now part of an ART to ART project, a series of ten interviews hosted by Ola Onabule – singer, songwriter, record producer and educator. Cass Art is proud to support the series on our blog over the coming weeks.

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