Our favourite upcoming watercolour artists

by Cass Art

At Cass Art we like to keep our eyes out for the next up and coming artists. We collated a few that we’ve spoken to on our blog and we’re looking forward to watching how their work progresses over the next few years.

Bob Rudd

Bob has been a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours since 1995 and won the  Cass Art Prize at their 204th exhibition. His use of colour is inspiring and he shared some of his wisdom in our interview with him: “I love its translucent fluid quality and you can be very quick and spontaneous with watercolour, it’s very immediate. On the other hand it is possible to lay very flat washes and create beautiful gradations that almost paint themselves. It can be much stronger than people imagine.

You can find more by visiting his website.


Holly Exley

Birds nest 

Holly had some great advice about moving between mediums and finding herself through watercolour painting. She shared good advice such as: “Treat yourself kindly. It's taken me about five years to understand the difference between being extremely motivated and pressurising myself in a negative way.”

You can find more about what she’s been up to via her blog and on her YouTube channel.

Kim Whitby

Kim was a finalist in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016 and her watercolours captivated the judges. She took us through her process from sketch to finished piece and a sneak peek behind the TV filming process.

Art is a long journey, and once you realise you will never reach the destination, and that you will meet many interesting detours and side roads along the route, then you can enjoy the challenges and just make sure you are always moving your work forwards and enjoying the journey.”

You can find her most recent sketches on her website.



Denise Mitchell

Barn Owl Watercolour

Denise participated in our Make a Splash challenge and we interviewed her after spotting some of her beautiful creations.

She is still painting and regularly featured in publication, you can find more of her work here.

David Alderslade


His unique eye and master of prospective helped David make it to the semi-final of the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2015. The bright colours he achieved through his watercolours made a great impression.

Don’t miss checking out more of his work on his site.


Nicola Hanrahan

Illustrations by Nicola Hanrahan

We caught up with Nicola about her work which involves birds and buttons. She also spread great advice such as: “Try not to get too comfortable in your style - having a style is brilliant, but it is always good to push yourself.” Her pattern designs can be found on a range of items such as pencils cases and make up bags.

Catch up with her latest designs by checking out her site.

Miss LED

Bitter Sweet by Miss Led 

A prominent area for watercolours has always been in fashion. Miss LED gave us an insight into her process mixing watercolours with ink, acrylics and spray paint. We were lucky enough to host workshops in our stores with her about interminability in 2015.

She continues to work with some huge clients such as Ted Baker, Clinique and Alexander McQueen. Find more of her work here.

Chris Hagan

Brighton based Chris shared his enchanting work and the creative process with us on the blog.

Check out his Facebook page to see more of his work.

Jean Haines

We caught up with Jean to talk about her passion for watercolours in which she revealed that “My working process is to start each day with colourful washes. I have no pressure on my shoulders of aiming to achieve a masterpiece straight away. I relax and get into my painting zone.” Sound advice from an accomplished painter.

You can find more about what she has been up to on her blog.

Matt Sewell

Last time we caught up with Matt he had just published his book Our Garden Birds. He now has collaborations with Barbour, Helly Hansen and the National Trust. He also has a new book out, Penguins and other Seabirds.

You can keep up with his work via his twitter.

Charles Evans

Charles walked us through his process of creating a new painting using a variety of new materials such as the Winsor & Newton markers and sticks. He provided some inspiration on how to use the new revolutionary materials.

You can get inspired via his website where he has a number of step by step projects.

Aine Divine

Painting by Aine Divine

The winner of the sixth episode of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014 was Aine and her use of watercolours really impressed the judges. On her motivation she said: “I am motivated to paint by the feeling it gives me, by the way it allows me to be grounded in the present moment and respond to what I see.”

You can view more of her work on her website.


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