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by Cass Art

The first ever exhibition of Pébéo Mix Media artworks went on show at the A&D Gallery, in London throughout July 2016. Over 40,000 mixed media artists entered their work, showcasing a breadth of practices, techniques and textures achieved when using Pebeo products.  

We caught up with some of the selected artists who showcased their work, to find out their reasons for using Pebeo, mixed media and how it has transformed their practice…

Ana Martinez Fernandez

“I like to experiment with different materials and textures. I use Pebeo in my paintings because I feel that I am able to say something more, and achieve a strong contrast and build in character. Sometimes I feel that when I am painting, in some way, I am sculpting too.”

“I first bought a kit to try, which included a variety of Pébéo mediums, including Cup Fantasy Prisme, Ceramic and Fantasy Moon in silver, as well as Vitrail paints in red and green. The process is easy and you can create a variety of different textures. You can mix them for extra special effects and combine them with other media. I think it is very good quality and the results are very original, the colours are glossy and luminous – and the prices are affordable!”

Miguel Galue

“I use Pebeo because it pushes me to explore new possibilities and think outside the confines of conventional media. My work has always being influenced by East Asian Art and Calligraphy, and now thanks to Mixed Media, I have seen my art express a lot of these influences in new ways. I am also an avid watercolourist and with Mixed Media, I get the same fluid, energetic results that I get using watercolours; while also getting rich and beautiful golden and black finishes that always take me by surprise.”

Sharon Stone

“I'm relatively new to using Pebeo Paints, even though I bought my first set years ago! I only picked them up when my interest in mixed media grew. It opened up a whole new world for me as the colours retain their vibrancy and depth, something that I had been searching for with acrylics but always ended up disappointed.”

“Since discovering Pebeo, my work has totally changed direction and I have found a passion for abstract, which has me experimenting with texture, design and expression. I use Moon, Prisme and Vitrail as well as the turquoise, blues and golds, which I find myself using time and time again.

Anne Storno

“I think that Pebeo offers a wide range of good quality products. I have never had any problems using them and include them in a breadth of my work. Often, the combination of different mixed media gives me new ideas, which I can develop my artworks. Pebeo also have a series of online tutorials and step-by-step guides, which really helps ensure you are using them correctly. They are extremely helpful when you are beginning something new.”

Joanne Stewart

“I live to be creative. Form and shape and how colour masses interact - it's all part of what gets me going in a creative pursuit. My style goes from realism to abstraction, but I tend to focus on my mixed media work, which definitely leans to abstraction.”

“Pébéo allows me to bring risk and experimentation into my work. I produced several pieces using a range of Fantasy Prisme and Fantasy Moon paints. The unique mixing technique gives it both dimension and a high gloss finish. The main focus of the canvas is supported by a softening effect in the background, achieved by alcohol spray brushing. It creates a truly unique style.”

Astra Papachristodoulou

“I have been using Pebeo since the start of my artistic career, and I have grown to trust the brand that is known for its exquisite quality. Pebeo’s product expands into a variety of art materials such as acrylics, markers and mixed media has helped me experiment and refine my artistic style.”

My ultimate Pebeo product would be by far the Deco Gold Flakes. I use them as the finishing touch for most of my paintings for an extra boost of sparkle and texture. Another favourite would be the Pebeo Natural Linen Boards, as they can be used as a background for contemporary-style artworks that don’t cover the entire canvas with colours, and the natural linen acts as a colour itself as part of the painting. Other Pebeo products that I am in love with are the Pebeo Oil Colours, markers and Gedeo products. The list could be never-ending!”

Sophie Knight

“I have found working with Pébéo Mix Media a truly fascinating process, which has allowed for some interesting experimentation due to the paints vivid colours and textures. As an artist I am always looking for unusual products that will enhance my artwork, but I have never before come across paint like Prisme and Moon.”

“The interactions between the paints are beautiful to watch as they form - it’s as if the paint takes on a life of its own. I’ve always been quite controlling with my art work and I’ve found working with Pébéo allows me to take a step back, be free and just enjoy them with the confidence that what I am producing is going to be a truly unique design.”


“I went to the Glasgow SECC in October 2015 and watched the Pebeo demonstration. I instantly loved the vibrancy and texture achieved and knew I had to try it. I especially loved the ability to mix and layer the media – adding the gold over the resin.”  

"I bought the starter kit and the glitter. I thereafter purchased fantasy prism  colours and more of the vitrail colours. I was amazed that my paintings were accepted to the first ever exhibition."

"The products are great quality, vibrant and permit you to achieve amazing 3D pieces that are very tactile.  I used the Prisme, Moon, Resin, Relief, Glitter as well as the gold and silver leaf. I have also been known to layer the Vitrail Glass Paints into my work, in addition to the grunge paste.”


“I use a combination of Pébéo Acrylic and Oil paints within my work. There is a great colour selection across both ranges, which allows for consistent colour no matter what surface I apply it to. The textures and high viscosity of the paint allows me to layer and build depth into my work. There is no particular product that I favour more than others, but the range is so affordable, that it allows me to keep pushing my practice and the media I use.”

Jill Sieverwhite

“I've always been drawn to textural pieces and have used a variety of paint, inks and pencil. Since discovering the Pebeo Fantasy range I have enjoyed exploring the different effects and textures that can be achieved and combining them with other media. I love watching them mix and spread together - it really can be fun watching paint dry!”

“In Green Hills I used Leaf Green Prisme, Eggshell White Prisme and Almond Green Prisme.”

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