In order to preserve your oil paintings, you’ll need a final picture varnish. We sell artist varnish in matt, gloss and satin, from excellent brands such as C Roberson, Winsor & Newton and Michael Harding, that will protect your finished works. Additionally, we stock all-purpose varnish in convenient spray form to keep dirt and grease off wood, metal, paper and modelling materials. For crafters, we also have Decopatch varnish for use with decoupaged items, both Decopatch Aquapro Professional Varnish and Decopatch Paperpatch Glue Varnish, which doubles as glue.
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  1. Montana Spray Varnish Clear Gloss

    RRP: £8.95 £7.50 Save 16%

  2. Winsor & Newton All Purpose Varnish 400ml

    RRP: £13.99 £11.95 Save 15%

  3. Winsor & Newton Picture Varnish 150ml


  4. Decopatch Aquapro Professional Varnish

    From £6.95

    Available in 2 sizes
  5. Winsor & Newton Artists Matt Varnish 75ml


  6. Winsor & Newton Artists' Picture Varnish 400ml

    RRP: £13.99 £11.95 Save 15%

  7. Winsor & Newton Dammar Varnish High Gloss 400ml

    RRP: £13.99 £11.95 Save 15%

    £0.03 per ml

  8. Winsor & Newton Galeria Varnish 500ml

    From £11.50 Save up to 23%