Hog Paintbrushes

Hog brushes are one of the most widely-used brushes for oil painting. Unlike normal watercolour brushes, such as a sable brush which has soft hair as its main component, hog brushes have bristles which allow artists to paint with oil colours which are much thicker.

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  1. Cass Art Hog Bristle Brush Set of 6


  2. Cass Art Hog Bristle Flat Brush

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    Available in 8 sizes
  3. Winsor & Newton Hog Long Handle Fan Brush

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  4. Daler Rowney Georgian Filbert

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    Available in 6 sizes
  5. Daler Rowney Georgian Round

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    Available in 6 sizes
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  6. Daler Rowney Georgian Long Flat

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    Available in 6 sizes
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  7. Daler Rowney Georgian Short Flat

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    Available in 9 sizes
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  8. Daler Rowney Georgian Fan


    Available in 3 sizes

Hog Paintbrushes

As such, getting a hog brush allows you to work with both a thick colour or an impasto with ease, as the stiffness of the bristles as well as the flagged tips or split ends of the brush allow you to pick up and carry great quantities of paint. With oil paints often coming in a variety of textures and thicknesses, a hog brush will ensure that you are able to work with whatever chosen paint you have selected from your range.

With a range of brushes available, such as the flat brush which is ideal for producing flat marks whilst painting (available in short or long flat formats), or the filbert brush which allows for greater control of colour whilst painting (available in long or short formats), or a round brush which is great for fine detail and highlights as well as glazes, there’s a brush for everyone. We recommend that you wash your hog brushes with solvent, as opposed to water, when you are finished painting. If you’re just starting out on your art journey or are well into it and need some help or recommendations on what you can do with a hog brush, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as we can help you on your journey.