Travel Easels Sale

Sketching easels are lightweight, compact and perfect for travelling or making art on the move. Jullian Easels  have been around since the 19th century, made from oiled beech and are highly regarded by artists. The field easel in aluminum by Jakar comes with its own bag, and the Daler Rowney table easels are equally versatile and compact. Pack them down to size or have them fully standing in minutes, and enjoy the freedom of sketching whenever and wherever you wish.

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  1. Jullian Full Size Sketch Box Easel including Carrying Bag

    RRP: £235.00 £149.95

  2. Jullian Black Spirit Full Size French Easel + Carrying Bag

    RRP: £225.00 £129.95

  3. Daler Rowney Edinburgh Table Easel

    RRP: £41.10 £24.95

  4. Jullian Oiled Beechwood Watercolour Easel + Carrying Bag

    RRP: £395.00 £124.95

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  5. Sketchers Easel Seine


  6. Daler Rowney Artsphere Easel A3

    RRP: £51.80 £29.95

  7. JULLIAN Half Size Sketch Box Easel including Carrying Bag

    RRP: £235.00 £135.00

  8. Daler Rowney Salisbury Field Easel

    RRP: £193.50 £99.95

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  9. Table Easel Varde


  10. Jakar Lightweight Watercolour Easel

    RRP: £49.95 £42.50

  11. Daler Rowney Simply Portable Field Easel

    RRP: £19.65 £16.95

  12. Daler Rowney Simply Wooden Table Easel

    RRP: £34.45 £19.95

  13. Daler Rowney Simply Mini Wooden Table Easel

    RRP: £11.50 £9.95

Travel Easels Sale

These are also available in our stores UK wide. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and we can investigate on your behalf. There is a huge range of options available and an easel can last a lifetime.