Interview: Scott W Mason Fashion Illustrator

Interview: Scott W Mason Fashion Illustrator

Posted by Cass Art on 13th Feb 2019

We're very excited to catch up with British Fashion Illustrator Scott W Mason just in time for London Fashion Week! Read on to learn about the beginnings of Scott's career, the materials he loves to work with and his advice for the fashion illustrators of the future.

Hi Scott! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career as a fashion illustrator? 

Hey! Sure thing, I’m a London based Fashion Illustrator having worked with brands such as Apple, Selfridges, Ted Baker, Axel Arigato and Reiss. I studied fashion photography however quickly realised fashion illustration was my preferred medium as it allowed me to showcase my ideas a lot more easily and accurately. A lot of people don’t understand our role but we basically document existing fashion, fashion designers design and create the garment whilst fashion illustrators interpret and produce artwork focused around the finished garment, in the past I’ve had a few people compliment me for the designs I illustrate and I’m like no hun, that’s Vivienne Westwood’s design, I’m just illustrating it… 

What makes Winsor & Newton promarkers so great to work with? 

I’ve used Promarkers for the longest time and what’s amazing about them is the swiftness they allow you to get your ideas accurately down on paper. You don’t have to worry about mixing colours and finding the perfect shade when there’s such an array of colours on offer, so that takes the stress of colour mixing out of the equation and you can just focus on getting the concept down with the correct colours. They come in so handy when travelling to as it’s not always convenient to crack out a paint brush and paints so having a few choice colours in your pencil case really make sketching on the go achievable.  


Apart from looking within the fashion industry itself, where do you find inspiration? 

It’s that cringe answer of ‘everywhere’ but it’s true! Mostly music and films, I love to focus on body language in my work so even someones posture or how they sit could inspire me to sketch their shape then scour the internet later to find the perfect garment to pair with the feel of that pose. 


What advice would you have for those wishing to make their own mark in the fashion illustration industry? 

Draw as often as you can, take social media seriously as that’s a fast track way to get access to potential clients you could have only dreamed of contacting 10 years ago. Get your work out there as much as possible, don’t be scared to email brands you want to work with, as the worse thing they can do is say no… and practise! No amount of emailing, networking or contacts will cover up shoddy artwork so strive to be the best you can possibly be! 

You've collaborated with some pretty amazing clients, from Apple to Selfridges! What are your most memorable moments? 

I always get amazed when a big brand gives me the time of day, when I got the email from Apple asking me to come to their Regent Street store and do a talk was an amazing feeling as you never think of brands like that stumbling upon you or your work, also getting a DM from Alexander McQueen inviting me to one of their shows, that was insane! It’s proof that you just need to continue posting and putting your work out there as you never know the people who might be seeing it! 


And finally, what's next on the horizon? 

I’m going travelling from April, I want to visit a different city a week and just be as pretentious and arty as I can, just focusing on improving my art and getting inspired. I’m so excited as I’ve dreamt of going travelling for the longest time and now I’m finally able to! Alongside trying not to get abducted abroad I’m hoping to focus on collaborations that will see my illustrations used in a different way other than just on a piece of paper, so fingers crossed!